1.) DEPOSITS: Deposits are no longer required for the OMBTT circuit trail. 

2.) Double Draw is paying for a minimum of 6 events in full. Double draw teams get two chances at drawing boat numbers. 
Amount 6 events w/mem 1,275.00
​Amount 6 events w/mem & Classic 1,475.00
Those paying at the ramp will be assigned a number.
Those paying a single event entry prior to an event will draw for position. 

3.) BOAT LIMIT: There is no longer a limit of anglers we will accept.

One alternate may fish in place of a team member during the qualifying season. Alternates must pay 50.00 alternate fee. Any more than one alternate will create a new team for points purposes only. A team member would still get an event fished towards classic qualification.

5.) CLASSIC ALTERNATES: You may now pair with another classic qualified OMBTT member at the classic. Stipulation is I must have the blessings of each team member who cant attend. This accommodation is not meant for bailing on your partners.

Incentives to be announced soon for 2024.

7.) Team Of Year 

8.) Due to overwhelming support from the members to only allow a OMBTT member to fish the lake Erie event in July we have made the following changes. OMBTT will only allow a team in which both members have fished at least 1 event prior to the Erie event.