1.) What are deposits?
Deposits are a down payments on qualifying events of your choice (Minimum 6) in the amount of 50.00 each totaling 300.00. We have deposits so that teams are guaranteed a spot for the year. It also controls the amount of boats in a given year due to the 50 team limit. We do have 7 total events but only 6 are required for the Team of the year race. Fish all 7 and you my drop your lowest finish for points purposes. We highly recommend sending in all 7 events if you plan to fish them all due to they may fill.

2.) What is reserved status? 
It means you have paid the deposits as well as the 75.00 team membership a total of 375.00 (6) events or 425.00 (7) events and are guaranteed a spot for the 2020 season. Each events balance is due (wed before each event 150.00). Yearly deposits have priority over single event entrants. 
If an event is not full we will go to the (paid) waiting list and take entrants in order that they appear on the list until the event is full. Paid waiting list entrants must pay the 200.00 entry and their membership in order to be added to that list. If event is still not full after going to the paid waiting list we will accept entry's at the ramp. Ramp entrants will be assigned a number for take off position.

3.) Double Draw is paying for a minimum of 6 events in full. Double draw teams get two chances at drawing boat numbers. Due to covid we will be drawing the balls for you.
Amount 6 events 1,275.00
​Amount 7 events 1,475.00
Classic                    200.00

Those who have paid in full or paid on the waiting list paid in full prior to the event will have your number drawn by us for take off position. Those who paid deposits must be paid in full  the Wednesday prior to the event to be eligible to have a number drawn. Those paying at the ramp or not paid the remaining entry will be assigned a number.

4.) New format started in 2020
In 2020 we will be offering 7 events and a Classic. We have made another event available for more flexibility. If you fish all 7 events you may drop your lowest finishing event for Team of the year purposes. If you are in contention for points its recommended to fish all 7 events or you will be at a disadvantage.

An Alternate may fish in place of a team member during the season. Alternates must pay 50.00 alternate fee and will be considered a new team for points purposes.

In the case that an event is cancelled then the entry fees, minus the 30% classic forward will be refunded.  For those only fishing as a single event (have not paid deposits or in full) we will refund your money in full. 

Incentive teams are those who have purchased a new or brand new leftover model glass boat from our sponsor Knox Marine. They will receive the incentive offered on the incentive page from the sponsor. Incentive teams are always guaranteed a spot.

8.) Team Of Year 
Team of the year will fish for free the next year (7) events not including classic or membership.  $1475.00 value if all 7 events fished.

 In order to qualify for the classic you must fish a minimum of 5 events per team member and have paid for a minimum of 6 events for your team  (Buy in allowed for 1 event). You may fish alone or with your partner (if qualified) at the classic. We no longer allow you to partner with a non team member who is qualified from the circuit.

   We do not allow any type of culling devices or balance beams that penetrate the fish in any way. There are many products available  to anglers that are not as invasive.