Remember you may not use any type of puncturing cull systems. OMBTT has banned their use in all the events we run. 

Big Bass is included in entry. 1 live big bass to be paid at each event.

5 Fish Limit per team.

300.00 Team entry with no side-pots offered.

We will cap the field at 40 boats.

Everyone pays an entry including directors.

Trophy’s for first place and big bass only.

90% Payback at every event.

Platinum side pot (Optional) $50.00 entry per event. Those in the side pot will be eligible to win 100% of the pot monies. The highest 3 finishers entered into that pot will be paid in the following manner.
1st 50%   2nd 30%   3rd 20%        If under 10 boats (6-9) 2 spots 70%/30% (1-5) 1 spot

Ranger Cup (Pending approval) 500.00 to win following all qualification requirements.

Any teams who have purchased a qualifying product from Knox Marine will get a spot regardless if field is full. They are still responsible for entry fee. (Incentive Team)

Field will filled based on when entry's are received. 40 boat full field.

We will be splitting the field in half for flights. If we were to get 2 incentive teams for instance and had 42 total boats flights would be like this.
1st Flight 1-21  due in at time specified.
2nd Flight 22-42 due in 15 minutes later.       

Take off position will now be based on when your paid entry is received. Due to the corona virus we had to make some modifications to our processes. Anyone signing up the morning of the event will be assigned the first available spot. You are counted as checked in when you yell your boat number to the check in boat you pass when returning in. Late boats will be assessed a 1lb per minute penalty up to 5 minutes (5 Lb penalty). After 5 minutes late you will be DQ'ed.

Please check out our new processes for take off and weigh-in   

Pro Open 300’s
Trophy’s for First and Big Bass only

1st event 04/20/2019
Buckeye Lake Liebs Island Ramp
$300.00 Entry includes Big Bass
1 Live Big Bass to be paid
40 Boat Max

2nd event 06/15/2019
 Indian lake Moundwood ramp
$300.00 Entry includes Big Bass
1 Live Big Bass to be paid 
40 Boat Max

3rd Event 06/22/2019
Lake Erie Sandusky City Ramp
No off limits on waters
$300.00 Entry includes Big Bass
1 Live Big Bass to be paid
40 Boat Max

4th Event 08/03/2019
Mosquito Lake Main Marina
$300.00 Entry Includes Big Bass
1 Live Big Bass to be paid
40 Boat Max

All events start at safe light. Be sure to get there in enough time to get registered or checked in. We close registration approx 15 minutes before take-off.