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                                    2023 Update 

Well, it has been a longtime since I have had an update. Remember we will be having two meetings to get feed back from our members about issues such as having 2 launch sites at the OMBTT classic, future schedules, and a-rig usage to name a few. This will happen at the Knox Marine open house 03/30-04/01. We will develop some interest in certain issues to be voted on later in the season by all the members. Nothing will change without the vast majority of the anglers wanting to do so. This is nothing more than a meeting to get idea's, feedback and interest in subjects for us present to our members and gauge their support of them at a later date for those who cannot attend the meetings. Any other items important to you please come to the meeting if you can. we have taken most of the feedback from 2022 from our membership and made some pretty big changes for 2023. I have taken a new job starting from scratch so this year will be extremely difficult for me. I will now be an independent agent selling insurance for multiple companies. We also have a huge commercial presence along with our Home, Auto, Boat and motorcycle policy's. Please call me I would love to quote your insurance I am not a high-pressure salesman and you will most likely learn quite a bit about insurance from me. I have done this for 30+ years and am very good at it. You would be suprised how many other fellow fishermen already do business with me. 
I apologize for some extra Sundays this year I am trying to balance work and fishing. I am sure my fishing will suffer some without the ability to pre-fish like in the past. Please realize I am unable to update the website on a daily basis for things such as teams entered into KMTT or OMBTT circuits. We already have many entries for both. We will notify you when KMTT gets close. OMBTT has no limit on teams any longer so it really not important. We will keep points and results up to date this year. Take a look at the incentive page we have some great opportunities for some extra money in your pockets! A big thanks to all of our sponsors I appreciate your support very much and the members do as well.   

04/04/23 wE HAD OUR MEET