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I wanted to introduce our new format to everyone for Ohio Mega Bass TT. After this last year a KY Lake seeing the fish health, fish catches, local tournament results and our lack of participation I have decided it is time to take a new direction in the circuits format. We our molding our trail to be very similar to the Knox Marine TT that has been hugely successful. Without having a classic we will be paying 90% of all entry money out at every event. We have also restructured our payout to go deeper into the field and spread the prize money out more evenly. We will keep the 7 tournament format so that if a team has a conflict they may still fish 6 events and be eligible for a guaranteed spot and Team of the year monies. We are still keeping the drop one format for those fishing all 7 events for points. Team of the year money will incorporate OMBTT holdback money, $50 one time team entry into the pot and sponsor donated funds. We feel we can hit $6-$8,000 for this pot and maybe even more. Points winners who are in this pot will be eligible for the top 5 spots payout that will be as follows. 1st Place will be 50% of the funds 2nd 20% 3rd 15% 4th 10% and 5th 5%. You must be in the pot! This program will be replacing the fish for free the next year that we awarded in the past. I also am aware that some of you may be wanting to leave early for salmoides classic practice and our 1st event is 04/27 at Buckeye. I am sorry it is close but the week prior is Easter and I am not having a event earlier than 04/20 and hoping for good weather. We have had to cancel events before due to snow I just cant take the chance or also worry the lake level will probably be low too. We will always have some conflicts it is the nature of Ohio tournament fishing. You can always have just your partner show up or just fish 6 events rather than all 7. Remember for the Team of the year you may not have a alternate and get points. If you have an alternate (and you are allowed) in 2019 it will be considered a new team for points. You may fish by yourself for points for the TOY money. Those who pay for year or deposits will be guaranteed a spot for 2019. If we get 50 teams doing so than we will be closed to any team wanting to fish just one event or a few. If we do not have a full field than we will 1st take those on the paid waiting list. If we have openings after that then we will take ramp entry's until we hit the 50 boat limit. Myself and my partner will be paying our entry but all staff teams will fish for free. They do a great deal for me and we could not run a trail like we do without their help. I hope everyone likes the new format I plan on alternating Buckeye and Rocky Fork from here on out so expect Rocky in 2020. If you don't want people jumping in to fish just one event then lets fill this field and shut entry down!!!

Good luck in 2019,      Jami 

CULLING YOUR CATCH: Efforts are underway to align Ohio’s fishing regulations with those of several other states, Michigan for one, to limit the use of culling systems that “punch” holes in the mouth of the targeted fish species (bass). The OMBTT is supportive of those efforts and we are recommending that our participants “voluntarily” start using non-skin penetrating culling systems.

One of our participants has tested eleven different non pierce commercially available systems and found that most do what they are designed to do, however, two stand out based on their ability to secure the catch to the extent that they can be used to “hang” the fish from a balance beam independent of outside support (hands). The rest did in fact separate the catch as advertised but therein lay the difference in that they needed supported handling to remove from the livewells and were not independently capable of being used with a balance beam.

The OMBTT recommends the use of two systems; either the G-Force Conservation Cull System available through TH Marine Supplies, MSRP $49.95 or, the Cal Coast Fishing Clip-n-Cull system that has a MSRP of $49.99.  
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