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I have a waiver of liability circuits must sign in order to fish our events. I have it up on the website please have you and your partner sign and date it. Please give it to me at the tournament.
We will require that both circuits teams pay ahead of time for each event, this includes those with “balance due” amounts to lessen the need/time involved in AM check-in. All open entrants we would prefer you pay as well. Both circuits teams will be paid in full by the Wednesday preceding the event will be assigned start numbers based on our random number generator with their respective start numbers posted the next day (Thursday before the event). Anyone not paying balance due or entering the day of the event will be assigned the next available number.  Those choosing to enter a single event the morning of or those who have not paid their balance due will be assigned numbers above the highest number used for the circuit members pre-pays. This eliminates the drawing of a tennis ball in a bag for the position of launch. For all opens your take-off position is as paid entry is received including pro-opens. 

1)For the foreseeable future, we will require those few teams needing to check-in the morning of to only have one team member come to the trailer while maintaining a minimum of 6’ distance from “other” entrants, as well as the check-in person.  

2)We strongly encourage the wearing of some type of nose/mouth protection such as medically acceptable masks or sun buffs we currently use anyways. When we handle what little money/checks received in the morning we will use medically acceptable gloves donated from a sponsor. All money and checks will be taken to the bank to keep from changing hands tournament day.

3) After live well check contestants will proceed to the launch area and launch their boat. Partners will return to board their boat and leave the launch area to wait for take-off always keeping a safe distance from other competitors’ boats. No loitering in the parking lot.

4)During pre-launch and general lot activities, you are required to maintain social distancing with other Teams and individuals. Those not adhering to those standards will be asked not to return.


1)We will not be providing bags for your use. You may only use your own personal bag in the weigh-in process. We will allow any type of bag for now. We will have some bags for sale that are brand new in a plastic bag if needed (Venom Bass N Bag $20.00).  We will limit the number of contestants at the weigh-in tanks to maintain social distancing at a minimum of 6 feet. (We may call certain boat numbers to the scales to help limit the number of members in line and also stagger flights.)

2) Only one team member will be allowed to enter the weigh-in line. We request all partners stay with their boats and not come to the weigh-in area to increase the safety of our weigh-in and keep from having any congestion.

3) We will have three water tanks in use to submerge bags only one participant may utilize each before dumping your fish in the bump sink. 

4)  Please dump your fish in the bump sink in a basket pick your big bass and put it into the other basket and back away to watch the scales LED display for your weight. The bumpmaster will approach the sink wearing gloves to check the fish and set the basket on the scales so I can weigh your big bass then total weight. We also have Plexiglass around the weigh-master for added protection. 

5) Once a team has weighed-in they will return to their boat finish getting ready to leave the parking lot.
One team member may check the boards all anglers must still adhere to the social distancing guidelines at all times. If we find this process of having boards up with the anglers weights creates any issues with social distancing or crowding (groups over 10) we will revert to the following method below. I will still have all results up on website and Facebook when I get home.

(Alternate process if above is not followed)
 We would discontinue leaderboards. We would post the results on our Website and Facebook that night. Those folks who did not have the ability to view either of those options would let me know and I would find an alternate way of informing you. We will then ask after you to weigh your fish and please leave the park. All prize money (Checks) will be also mailed to our contestants or you may make alternate arrangements with me.  

6) In the past contestants have invited friends and family to attend the weigh-in. We will ask all participants to not invite family members to the weigh-ins to decrease the chance of spreading Corona-19. With that said, fishing events have never had big crowds but in these times, it is much more imperative to show we can mitigate risk and curtail perception by others keeping any numbers to a minimum.