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                         OMBTT PRO OPEN LAKE ERIE 06/26/2021                                     
                                   OMBTT LAKE ERIE 06/27/2021

  We have been watching the wind forecast for the weekend. I know it is a ways out and most certainly will change some for the good or bad. Last year we consulted some very experienced great lakes anglers on the weather the night before and made the call to cancel the 2020 pro open Erie. I am going to watch intently again and do the same thing we did last year make a call to go or no. One thing we are going to do is if Saturday is too bad and we can go Sunday the following option will be available to our Pro open anglers. 
                   1.) 06/26/2021 Saturday's Pro Open anglers may move to Sunday (if we cancel Saturday) for their event if they choose. If they want a refund we will issue them one. If Pro open goes to Sunday we would have to make it Ohio only no Michigan.
                   2.) OMBTT circuit guys may enter the pro open circuit (if moved to Sunday) event as well and fish for both pots. 
                   3.) Pro Open anglers can also fish OMBTT if their are openings and also fish for both pots. Remember OMBTT requires a membership and entry.

             If Sunday is a South or combo of a south wind and we cant go out on the lake very far due to offshore around islands is unsafe we will restrict to bay and within a certain distance of the Ohio shoreline if possible. Stay tuned I will keep updates going thru the week. I will be up there Wednesday on.

My cell is 614-496-5212

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